Let’s do a tag game where we don’t use words, just commonly put together letters:

  • co
  • ie
  • ta
  • po
  • sc
  • si
  • bl
  • mu


seriously though



time zones


d i s t a n c e


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but why did i have to get into AO3 right when i have no time and i’m going to be absolutely sick of writing


i feel like i’m just going to mar the f/z section with my writing too


Kurloz/Meulin filk. Track art by the incredibly talented Nicholanton.

Download at Soundcloud Source


I said a word 
it got caught in my throat, and it burned 
slipped off my tongue and I choked, 
you were concerned for a second 
then cries echoed into the night, lesson learned 

because you heard a word 
that I said, and this word how it rang 
in your head, it was loud and glorious, yes 
and from where you lay on my chest 
well, you heard it best 

but you held me closely while I screamed 
and I watched the thinnest trails of green 
run down your neck, and drip from your chin 
thin trails of green, thin lines, on gray skin 

Thin lines on gray skin 
Thin lines on gray skin 
where they world ends that’s were we begin 
my thin line, my thin line 

I said a word 
was it a blessing or curse? 
Nobody knows the whole story, 
nobody hears me but you 
and you would have heard more if you could have I’m sure 

because you heard my word, 
you still do with your hands, eyes and rest of you too 
little stray on my lap, zealot, hellcat 
can’t forgive what I did to my dream-maker, 
(has thou forsaken her?) 

And if you knew what I knew, would you object? 
Are we madmen or soothsayers? Truthfully, sweet heretic? 
I bit off the bit that silenced the world for you, sewed up my sin 
With thin threads of black, thin lines on gray skin 

Thin lines on gray skin 
Thin lines on gray skin 
when they world ends, that’s where our work begins 
my thin line, my thin line



have you ever loved a character so much that you feel horribly for what they went through and want to take them home and wrap them in a blanket, set a up a fireplace so they can be extra toasty, make everything comfy for them and make them soup or cookies until they feel better?

even the best laid plans go astray

(which means my half-assed ones go astray all the time)

meaning I didn’t account for certain time-consuming events today so

my #kayver writing won’t start until tomorrow

if you were looking forward to it tonight, sorry!



Oh man… I can’t… the feels… O:






Just whipped this up today! One of the things I love about Homestuck is how it presents long-distance online friendships as just as valuable and meaningful as ones in “real life”, and I tried to capture some of that in the lyrics.

I wrote this with the four beta kids in mind, but you can apply it to any pairing, any friendship or any group of characters you want! And whether you’re into this crazy webcomic or not, I hope some of you can still relate to this a little bit. =)

Music: “Homestuck” by Mark Hadley, from Homestuck Vol. 5
Lyrics: Me!

World spins ‘round
Looks like another day
We’re homestuck
Grown up unaware
Not a care
But reaching, searching for a fate unknown
This distance, closeness that we share
Always there
Makes me wish we
Could reach through the screen
I’d feel your hands
Pressing to mine
But words are fine

Now the world’s gone down
Seems there’s a price to pay
We’re homesick
So quick to be lost
In the chaos
I will try
To believe we’ll fly
It’s getting hard
Righting these wrongs
But I’ll stand strong
Next to you

And you

And you

Thanks for sending this to me… I definitely dug it…

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